Ingersoll Rand Centac® air coolers

Centac® air cooler – efficient & economic

The air coolers in Ingersoll Rand Centac® compressors have a huge influence on their efficiency and thus also on their operating costs. In order to run a compressor economically over the long term, it is therefore extremely important that users of the compressors deploy high quality and technically advanced air coolers.

VTS International GmbH has precisely fulfilled this customer requirement by developing and producing the best quality air coolers currently available on the market. Our advanced manufacturing technology and the use of a balanced quantity of tubes, in which the compressed air is cooled, enable our air coolers, which are following the OEM design, to offer a perfect balance between pressure loss and CTD values. This means that we can not only give our customers a 100% guarantee that our air coolers can be deployed without restriction in their Centac® compressors, but that we can also assure them that these perform as well as or even better than the OEM products.

An ISO 9001:2015 certification, the fact that we are keeping our production in Germany and a standard two year warranty on all our Centac® air coolers witness our focus on a product, meeting the highest quality standards. We furthermore continuously invest to decrease delivery times and therefore operate a stock with more than 100 air coolers for various Centac® models, being ready for immediate delivery to the customer.