Centac® air coolers

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Our advanced manufacturing technology and the use of a balanced quantity of tubes, in which the compressed air is cooled, enable our air coolers, which are following the OEM "donut-type" design, to offer a perfect balance between pressure loss and CTD values. This means that we can not only give our customers a 100% guarantee that our air coolers can be used in their Centac® compressor without restrictions, but also assure them that they have the same or better performance values ​​than the OEM products and therefore efficiency influence the compressor positively in the long term.

An ISO 9001:2015 certification and the fact that we are keeping our production in Germany witness our focus on a product, meeting the highest quality standards. We furthermore continuously invest to decrease delivery times and therefore operate a stock with more than 100 air coolers for various Centac® models, being ready for immediate delivery to the customer.

Our delivery program includes air coolers for the following compressors: